Week 9, #8 Wild Card, Hay Barn

Hay Barn

Just another hay barn along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This one caught my eye with the green roof and red siding. – Mike


Week 7, #6 Forsaken, If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

While up in the Virginia area for the last three months, one of my favorite things to do was just get out and drive through the mountains.  As a “Florida Boy”, every little valley or hill is fascinating to me.  I’ve always been drawn to old and abandoned buildings and I found this one on a winding country road heading towards the Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

If these walls could talk, I bet they’d have a fascinating story of the families that have lived there and how the times have changed since the home was constructed.  What happened to them?  Where’d they go? – Mike

Week 5, #4 Wild Card, Humpback Bridge

Humpback Bridge

The Humpback Bridge is the oldest of the remaining covered bridges in Virginia.  From 1820 to 1856, there were three other versions built here but they were all lost to floods.  This bridge was built in 1857 and was last used for traffic in 1929.  It’s a 100′ long and is 4′ higher in the middle than at either end which is the reason it was called “Humpback”.  There are a few more covered bridges in VA but I never got the time to go check them out – Mike.

Week 4, #15 Leading Lines, Fall Driveway


Spotted this driveway off on a side road while I was on the Interstate heading to Front Royal, VA.  Had to use Google Maps to work my way back to it but it was worth it.  I thought the fences and driveway just take you right into the middle of the picture.  Also I tried my hand at adding an Orton Effect but not sure if I’m happy with the results or not.

Week 3, #19 Geometric Shapes, Basalt Columns

Basalt Columns

These are basalt columns which are part of the Catoctin Formations formed over 500 million years ago along the Blue Ridge region of Virginia.  They were created as lava flows cooled, causing the rock to volumetrically contract and crack forming hexagonal columns.  I took this photo while hiking along the Skyline Drive near Front Royal.  If you’d liked to know more about these rock formations, check out this site: