Week 17, #12 Wild Card, Kleifarvatn Lake Mist – Iceland

Kleifarvatn Lake Mist - Iceland

Another day at Kleifarvatn Lake.  On our way here, we drove for several miles through a heavy fog.  Just as we got to the lake, the fog broke and the sun came out bright.  You can see the mist still on the water as it slowly burns off – Mike.


Week 16, #51 Rule of Odds, Three Mountains – Thingeyrar, Iceland

Three Mountains - Thingeyrar Iceland

Spotted these mountains as a morning storm was moving in.  This was near the settlement of Thingeyrar and we had just left the “Dragon” rock further up the coast.  The scenery was just unbelievable everywhere you looked.  It was very hard to concentrate driving on the icy roads since every bend in the road presented scenes like this.  There was very little parking available along the highways so most of my shots were hand held – Mike.

Week 13, #23 Balance, The End of the Night

The End of the Night

Bobbi took this photo in our first venture in to Street Photography last December in Ybor City (THANKS RON!).  Balance in photos seems to be in the eye of the beholder.  At first the photo seemed “heavy” on the right side but somehow, in my eyes, the single chair on the left evened it all out.  Let me know what you think – Mike.

Week 12, #39 Negative Space, Fog


A couple of weeks ago we had a great foggy morning and I was able to make it out to one of the places I had scouted for mornings just like this.  This was taken at one of the golf courses I use to play (when I had time).  Probably a half a dozen of my golf balls are in this pond! – Mike

Week 11, #16 Wild Card, Snow Moon Meets Skyway Bridge

Snow Moon Meets Skyway Bridge copy

This is the gorgeous February Supermoon taken from Fort Desoto Park in St. Petersburg.  The moon wasn’t cooperating and actually rose about 400 yards to the North.  I took the liberty of relocating it with ON1 to where I had envisioned it rising over the Skyway and it didn’t turn out too bad.   Wasn’t too much longer that it started ducking behind the clouds – Mike